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The Edge

KLM Partnership

The Edge

Inverness High School

A group of pupils in Inverness High School, known as “the Edge” will be refurbishing a disused room within the school.  The funding from the KLM Partnership is contributing towards the decoration and kitting out of the room with second hand-furniture which will be upcycled.  This will be a cross-curricular project involving Home Economics, Art & Design and Technical Studies.

The intention is to refurbish the room so that initially it can be used as a 'drop in centre' for the school nurse.  Currently there is no suitable area within the School that can be used for this.  It shall also be used as a social eating area for small groups who have prepared foods in the Home Economics kitchen.  Again, there is no suitable provision for this in the school.  Both of these activities are seen as improving the Health & Wellbeing of pupils in the school. 

When not in use for these activities it is intended that the room may be available for use by everyone (including Partner Agencies) in the school as a general purpose room. 

Whilst the pupils are refurbishing the room they shall be learning new practical skills such as design, painting, upcycling and other associated team work skills which can be transferable to the world of work.  The project will be Eco friendly in line with current Sustainable Education.

Mrs Carol Tuddenham, a Home Economics teacher at the High School said “The rooms primary function is as a 'Drop in Centre'.  It’s important that we have a room with an appropriate ambience so that pupils could feel secure speaking about confidential matters with the School Nurse.  In its present state the success of this project is going to be limited.  The Community Benefit Grant will make a good contribution towards the cost of materials, along with the in-kind contributions from within the school community.”

Bill Hamilton, a Partner with KLM Partnership said, “We have provided a range of professional services to the Highland Council over the years, and specifically to several projects within the High School and we are delighted to be able to assist in transform this room for the benefit of the pupils. We, as a Practice, are committed to working with our local communities and we wish to make a positive contribution in the communities in which we operate.”