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CDM Services

KLM Partnership

The KLM Partnership provides high quality construction consultancy services to clients throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.

We are experienced in providing stand-alone services or integrating our staff within a client organisation.

The KLM Partnership has since the introduction of the CDM Regulations in 1994 gained extensive knowledge and experience from previous roles as Planning Supervisor and CDM Coordinator.

We employ suitably qualified staff with appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to support our Clients and have put in place suitable procedures to act as Principal Designer, CDM Adviser to Client or Adviser to Principal Designer.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 replaced the CDM 2007 Regulations on the 6th April 2015 with revised duty holder responsibilities and placed enhanced responsibilities on Clients. The KLM Partnership, acting as either Principal Designer or CDM Adviser to Client or Adviser to Principal Designer, can offer a support service that assists Clients comply with their legal responsibilities.

The role of the Principal Designer replaces that of the CDM Coordinator taking on many of the CDM Coordinator’s previous responsibilities. However, a number of previous CDM Coordinator responsibilities now sit with the Client.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are intended to protect the health and safety of people working in construction and others affected by the works. CDM 2015 now fully aligns with the EU Temporary Mobile Construction Sites Directive addressing for the first time domestic clients and multiple contractor construction sites.

The Client has overall health and safety responsibility for the successful execution of a project with the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor taking the lead over different phases.

Clients must ensure that construction work is carried out, so far as is reasonably practicable, without risk to the health and safety of workers and others. A typical list of Client’s duties include:

  • prepare a client brief
  • make and maintain management arrangements
  • raise a notification of project when applicable
  • make suitable appointments
  • provide background pre-construction health and safety information
  • ensure a construction phase plan is in place for the start of site works and is maintained
  • ensure suitable site welfare is in place throughout the construction period
  • ensure the Principal Designer prepares a health and safety file, to be passed on when an asset is sold
  • ensure the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor comply with their duties

Principal Designer

For construction sites where it is anticipated that there will be more than one contractor, Clients have a responsibility to appoint a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor.

The Principal Designer’s role is to plan, manage and monitor the co-ordination of health and safety in the pre-construction design phase of the project (overlapping with construction).

As the appointed Principal Designer’s we shall assist the Client with the project set up, identify, obtain and collate pre-construction information and distribute, advise on missing information, co-ordinate health and safety, ensure designers comply with their duties, liaise with the Principal Contractor, prepare the health and safety file or pass responsibility to the Principal Contractor and comply with core designer obligations.

The Principal Designer should have the necessary designer skills, knowledge and experience to carry out this role in a way that secures health and safety. The KLM Partnership meet Principal Designer core requirements.

CDM Adviser to Client / Adviser to Principal Designer

As CDM Adviser to Client acting for Clients we can implement delegated duties such as notification of a project, collation and issue of pre-construction information, advice on missing information, review and comment on the Principal Contractor’s construction phase plan and welfare arrangements. Working with the Principal Designer we can ensure that Designers are complying with their obligations under CDM 2015 and implement audit procedures to ensure that both the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are also complying.

In addition, when required, the KLM Partnership can act as sub-consultants to Principal Designers as an Adviser to Principal Designer.