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Professional Services

Providing high quality construction consultancy services to clients

The KLM Partnership has provided high quality construction consultancy services to clients throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom since 1969.

We are experienced in providing stand-alone services or integrating our staff within a client organisation. Whatever the appointment, we are able to become part of the client's decision-making process by ensuring that we understand our client's requirements, so that we can develop strategies that are cost effective and in developing strategies, we challenge and test the various options in order to select the most advantageous solution.

Our aims are to provide a cost effective service that exceeds our clients' expectations and to develop a strong working relationship with the project team to ensure all of our clients' objectives are met within the constraints imposed by the project.

We pride ourselves on the close working relationship we have developed with our clients, leading to repeat business and referrals over many years. 

From the beginning of a project through to completion, contact is closely maintained with the Client and the Partner-in-charge.  We select a team that brings together the technical and professional expertise and people skills to ensure the specific requirements of each individual project are completely met.