Asset 4 Easter Langlee Phases 1, 2a and 2b

Social Housing

Easter Langleee


Circa £9 Million


Persimmon Homes


Persimmon Homes


Design and Build




Eildon Housing Association

Our Role

KLM provided Employers Agent Services

Key Aspect

KLM Partnership provided Eildon Housing Association with Employers Agent services and negotiated the contracts of the affordable housing element of the development with Persimmon Homes.

The Project was carried out in three phases (20 units, 25 units and 26 units).

The site was close to a landfill site and tests and monitoring had to be carried out and measures taken prior to planning conditions being met for Phases 2A and 2B.

Various options were reviewed for the heating and structure during Phase 1 of the works.  A traditional structure cavity blockwork structure was replaced by timber kit due to the lack of bricklaying resources in the Borders at the time and also build time consideration. A timber kit was also selected for phases 2A & 2B.

The heating selected was mains fed gas boilers.

The houses had a mixture of block, render and timber linings to the external finishes.

The external works included roads, footpaths, retaining walls, drainage and  external services.

All 3 Phases were constructed to meet silver standard requirements of the Building Regulations.

The Phase 2 development included PV panels, and Phases 1 and 2A incorporated mechanical ventilation and heat recovery units.

Community benefits included Local suppliers and subcontractors used for the project where possible and a Play Area provided.

The Contractor employed apprentices as part of HHA Training Apprenticeship Scheme. There were two painter apprentices, one roof tiler apprentice and two plumber apprentices.


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