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Social Housing

Dunholm Road, Dundee


Circa £2.734 Million


Wellwood Leslie


George Martin Builders






Abertay Housing Association

Our Role

KLM were appointed as Quantity Surveyor’s for this development.

Key Aspect

SMART Technology
A number of houses are adapted for special needs which included a substantial investment in SMART Technology to assist the tenants and Care Managers. Controlled by a central PC in the Carers house, the installation allows continual monitoring of each tenant. This allows a service to be provided that meets individual needs. For example one tenant has extreme behavioural problems and required the house layout to be reversed to provide constant visual contact with the Carers.

Sun Warm Installation
We have installed Nuaire's Sun Warm Installation to all houses. This will provide around 40-50% free hot water together with positive ventilation which will ensure a very healthy living environment as well as providing a degree of free space heating. Abertay Housing Association have engaged Dundee University to carry out monitoring of the installation over the next year or so.

NBT Timber kit
All Abertay houses are heavily insulated. However, the design has used an "inside out" timber kit construction providing a breathing wall arrangement which in turn offers a healthier living environment.

Central Heating system
As with all recent new builds Abertay are again installing electric storage heating in the form of Dimplex's relatively new Duo Heat system. Instead of purely storage heaters, the new units are combined with an outside convector panel which kicks in should extra heat be required when storage is low. This is regulated automatically by thermostats.

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